Monday, October 22, 2007


It’s not like in every aspect of your life you always get what you wanted. Some things whether you like it or not simply doesn’t occur in your favor. Luck is otherwise busy elsewhere. Like in love, its possibility is always a mystery. It’s not like everyday you get to love and be loved in return. No genius can simply calculate the pattern. Your share of unrequited love where spent mostly on sleepless nights thinking why that love was never yours. Your eyes filled with tears and pillows were soaking wet. The devastating blow makes you feel like life would never be the same. All you want is to get things back to normal but it won’t for awhile though. This story is the same now as it was ten years ago. Is it déjà vu? You’re like a teenager again blown off by a certain crush. It is a vicious cycle that is inevitable. This is just one of the realities in life. There is nothing great than to love and be loved in return. But what if you don’t get that love in return? Your self-esteem plummets to the ground. You felt torn, devastated and there’s no one else to pick up the pieces of your broken heart but you.